We Love Indie Games – A Quick Review of Sokpop Collective’s Stacklands

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We are always delighted when an Indie game is released – for the simple reason that we know how HARD it must be for talented developers to create a game from scratch to finish with no backing from a reputable publishing firm.

So whenever an Indie game is available, we always feel it is worth more than a look or two. Without a doubt – we love Indie games! And here’s a quick review of Sokpop Collective’s Stacklands game.

What Is Stacklands All About?

Well, Stacklands is card battler, survival, and management village builder video game. Now while this might be mouthful, the game itself is really quite easy to figure out. Stacklands is a card game (well more than that actually) where you engage in a quest to build a village by stacking up cards of varying types. 

The cards allow you to construct meaningful structures, combat mean creatures, and gather food to feed your villagers. A typical example of how this card-village builder game works is when you stack a Villager card over say a Berry Bush card, this will lead to the Villager working his or her ass-off to produce Berry cards. 

Now with several Berry cards produced, your villagers will be able to eat berries to their hearts content and in effect survive. It’s that simple! The idea is to play your cards in a smart, strategic way to optimize the use of the cards in your possession and ultimately grow and possibly expand the size of your village. Cool right!!

Stacklands Gaming Features

There’s a host of stuff you can do in the game. You have over 200 cards to pick up, more than 60 idea cards to locate, over 50 quests to accomplish, and a total of 13 Card Packs to purchase. The estimate playtime for Stacklands is just about 5 to 7 hours. 

Here’s a summary of the in-game features worth noting;

Card Sales

In Stacklands, players will be able to sell their cards in exchange for in-game proprietary coins that can then be used in buying Card Packs. 

A Card Pack is just what the name suggests, it is a pack of multiple playing cards which you can use to grow and indeed expand the food source and structures of your village. 

However, each Card Pack comes with a primary focus. For example, you have Card Packs focused exclusively on each of Building, Farming and Cooking. 

Food is an essential commodity in Stacklands, so pay particular attention to the Moon, as you have to feed every one of your villagers at the end of each Moon cycle. 

If you do not have sufficient food available, your villagers will go hungry and starve to death, so make sure there’s more than enough chow to go around your village.

Card Battles

You might have been wondering if this game was all about growing your village without any form of opposition. Well, there are antagonists to be wary of. 

You may come across a variety of worldly and otherworldly creatures in this game. There are Rats, Bears and even Goblins to fight and you can boost the ability of your villagers to defend themselves by providing them with viable weapons. 

Another cool way to defeat enemies is for your Villagers to work as a unit to ward-off any perceived threats to your village. 

Idea Cards

The whole Idea behind Idea Cards is to improve the knowledge base of your village and basically move it from a primitive form to one that is more socially, economically, politically, and technologically advanced. 

The idea card also gives you hints on how you can create brand new cards. For example, to construct a house in your village, you will need to stack one Villager, one Stone, and two Wood cards – its that easy!

Stacklands Overview, System Requirement and Reviews

Stacklands was created by Sokpop Collective and released for PC on April 8, 2022. You can get this game for Windows and macOS on Steam for only $4.99 today. 

If you want to play Stacklands on Windows, you are advised to have the following system requirements:

  • Minimum Operating System (OS): Windows 7/64-bit
  • Minimum Processor: Dual Core 2 GHz
  • Minimum Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Minimum Graphics: DirectX ver. 9 (compatible with a minimum memory of 500 MB)
  • Minimum Storage: 200 MB 

However, if you intend playing Stacklands on macOS, we recommend the following system requirements:

  • Minimum OS: OSX 10.13/64-bit
  • Minimum Processor: Dual Core 2GHz
  • Minimum Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Minimum Graphics: Intel HD4600
  • Minimum Storage: 200 MB

Since the release of Stacklands last year, the game has really captured the interest of PC gamers from all around the world. 

A recent review on Steam showed that close to 95% of gamers (about 939 players, as at the time of writing this article) gave Overwhelmingly Positive reviews while an all-time review of about 96% of gamers amounting to a number of 16,777 players also provided an Overwhelmingly Positive feedback on Steam.

Stacklands is not the only Sokpop Collective game available. There are more than 13 Indie game titles created and launched by this developer. 

Other Indie games in their collection include projects like Simmiland, Soko Loco Deluxe, Heliopedia, sok-worlds, Luckitown, pyramida, Ollie & Bollie: Outdoor Estate, Sunset Kingdom, Guardener, Springblades, Lairchitect and Pocket Watch.

We hope you will support Sokpop Collective by giving Stacklands and their other Indie gaming projects a go today. We can only say – you won’t be disappointed if you do.

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