Valorant Has A New Map Called “Lotus”

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Valorant Has A New Map Called "Lotus"

Each area offers a unique set of challenges and opportunities for players, with a lot of different areas and gunplay.

Built and released by Riot Games for Windows, Valorant is a free-to-play, multiplayer first-person tactical hero shooter video game. It began a closed beta period on April 7, 2020, and was released on June 2, 2020.

The game is set in the near future, and players play as one of a set of agents, each with “unique abilities” and “unique ultimate ability” which is triggered by a number of in-game involvements such as deaths, kills, orbs, and/or objectives. You begin a game round with just a pistol as well as the “signature ability” of your character.

You can purchase a variety of weapons and ability charges during gameplay by making good use of the game’s economic mechanism which rewards you for completed tasks and objectives, kill counts, and so on.

The main way to play Valorant is as a team, with each player on either the attacking or the defending side of the game. There are 20 agents to choose from, with players starting with 5 unlocked agents. The game also features different game modes such as “Unrated”, “Spike Rush”, and” Swiftplay”.

Overview of Valorant’s Lotus map

Lotus is Valorant’s latest map, which was recently added to the game. It is based on an Indian location and features a unique aesthetic and design inspired by Indian architecture and culture.

The map is set in a fictional city that is a fusion of different regions of India with a vibrant and colorful atmosphere, and lots of intricate details and textures that give it a distinct look and feel.

The map also includes new gameplay elements like destructible environments and vertical spaces, which add more depth and strategy to the game.

Each area offers a unique set of challenges and opportunities for players, with a lot of different angles and sightlines to use.

Lotus is available for players to play in the game’s standard matchmaking mode, as well as in the game’s “Competitive” and “Spike Rush” modes.

Lotus-only Swiftplay Beta Queue has Ended or Has It?

Upon the launch of the new Valorant map – Lotus, the developers – Riot Games within the first week of the announcement offered a Lotus-only Swiftplay Beta queue (from January 10, 2023). The Beta queue was initially suppose to last for one week, then immediately followed by the Competitive queue with Patch 6.01. which begun on January 18, 2023.

However, the standard Swiftplay Beta queue has been extended, as the developers are eager to get valuable feedback from gamers. A pleasant surprise indeed, but one that Valorant fans would surely appreciate and take advantage of.

Valorant is a game that always seems to give players something new and exciting to do with its unique design, gameplay elements, and new strategies to learn. With the Lotus map now coming into play, Valorant’s gameplay just went up a notch or two.

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