Unleash Your Inner Studio Director in Not For Broadcast

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Get ready to call the shots, pick the angles and decide what’s fit for broadcast in this comedic game of televised chaos.

Not For Broadcast is a unique and satirical take on the world of televised news broadcasting. In this game, you take on the role of a studio director tasked with producing a live broadcast for a national television station. 

Your job is to keep the viewership high by picking the most exciting (or scandalous) camera angles, bleeping the swears, and determining which ads to run to keep the sponsors happy. 

The game is set in an unnamed European country in the mid-1980s, with a new populist political party named Advance having won a surprise landslide election victory and in order to consolidate on their electoral success, this political party decides to run the country in an authoritarian and somewhat dictatorial style.

Not For Broadcast Storyline

The storyline of this indie game is captivating and thought-provoking, with a satirical take on the world of politics and media. The player takes on the role of Alex Winston, a studio director in a national television station. 

Alex Winston has to deal with various challenges, such as; keeping the show on the air uninterrupted, handling censored swear words, and avoiding any interference in order to maintain the viewership. 

The game also has various twists and turns that will keep you engaged and entertained, with plenty of opportunities to make choices that will affect the storyline.

Not For Broadcast offers impressive sound and visuals with a retro aesthetic that perfectly captures the mid-1980s setting. The game is incredibly immersive, and you will feel as if you are really in a television studio, directing the show.

The characters are well-designed, with each of them having their own unique personalities and traits. The game also has a unique feature where you can switch between different cameras to get different perspectives on the action.

Not For Broadcast Offers A Straightforward Gameplay

The game is straightforward and easy to understand, with simple controls and mechanics. You must switch between cameras to capture the action, bleep out any swear words, and select which advertisements to run to keep the sponsors happy. 

Not For Broadcast also features a branching storyline, where your choices will affect the outcome of the game. This adds a lot of replayability to the game, as you can play it multiple times and experience different outcomes.

Availability of Not For Broadcast Across Platforms

Not For Broadcast was developed by NotGames and published by tinyBuild, and it has been available on Steam since January 22, 2022 for $24.99 (Standard Edition) and $39.72 (25% Off for Deluxe Edition). 

Not For Broadcast will also be available on Xbox on March 23, 2023, but you can pre-order the Standard Edition for $18.89+ and the Deluxe Edition for $30.14+ today. 

You will also be able to play the game in single-player mode across other platforms like Meta Quest 2, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

A final word

Overall, Not For Broadcast is an excellent game that is both engaging and thought-provoking. The game’s unique concept and storyline are both captivating, and the retro aesthetic and immersive gameplay make it a pleasure to play. 

The game also has excellent replayability, with multiple story paths and choices that affect the outcome of the game. If you’re looking for a unique and entertaining game, then Not For Broadcast is definitely worth checking out.

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