Unleash the Power of Immersion with Dead Space Remake on PS5

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Get ready to be transported into a world of wonder, where every action you take is felt in a new and exciting way.

Get ready for a truly immersive experience with Dead Space Remake on your PS5! With the DualSense controller, every move you make, every shot you fire, and every blow and kick you receive will be felt in the palms of your hands. This new level of immersion will make you feel as if you are right in the thick of the action.

Envision the thrill of firing a weapon, feeling the recoil and power as it rumbles through your hands, or the adrenaline rush when defending against Necromorph attacks while running through hallways and feeling every movement with heightened realism.

Motive Studio Adapts Advanced Features of DualSense Controller in Dead Space Remake

The recently launched (January 27, 2023) Dead Space Remake, a game developed by Motive Studio, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, will provide an even more intense and immersive experience than the original game, especially when played on PS5. 

Motive has utilized the advanced features of the DualSense controller, such as; the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers – to heighten the sense of horror and danger in the game. 

Isaac’s weapons, such as; the plasma cutter and flamethrower, have added haptic feedback to enhance the player’s sense of weight and action. The pulse rifle, for instance, offers a satisfying combat experience, with the controller bucking with each round fired.

The haptic feedback is also utilized to improve the sense of movement and abilities in zero-gravity areas, adding impact with each step taken. 

The speakers of the DualSense controller are integrated into the game to provide audio cues for player actions and item pickups, which Motive discussed on the PlayStation blog

It’s important to note that enabling all these features may have a significant impact on the DualSense controller’s battery life, but players can turn off the speaker features to save battery life while still hearing the audio cues if they prefer to play with headphones.

So what makes the DualSense Wireless Controller Unique?

The DualSense Wireless Controller for the PS5  is a revolutionary device that offers innovative and impressive features to enhance players’ overall gaming experience. With its sleek design, haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and built-in microphone, the DualSense has become a staple of the PS5 console.

However, there are still some lesser-known features of the DualSense that can greatly improve your gaming experience. Let’s take a closer look at these hidden capabilities and see how they can be utilized to maximize your playability and gameplay on PS5.

Custom Button Assignments:

  • The DualSense controller buttons can be remapped in the Settings menu to suit your gaming style or specific games.
  • Go to the Settings, then Accessibility followed by Controllers and Custom Button Assignments in order to engage controller customisation.
  • You can customize button assignments and flip the analog sticks.
  • Resetting the button layout to default can be done by selecting “Reset” in the “Custom Button Assignments” menu.

Mute All System Audio:

  • The DualSense controller has a built-in microphone for voice chat or issuing commands to the PS5.
  • The Mute button can be used to mute the microphone and also mute all system audio by pressing and holding onto it.

Larger Battery Than the Predecessor:

  • The DualSense controller has a larger battery compared to its predecessor.
  • This accommodates its advanced features, such as; adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.
  • However, the battery life may not necessarily translate to longer gaming sessions, especially if using all its advanced features.
  • Battery life can be saved by reducing vibration intensity, disabling adaptive triggers, or setting the controller to turn-off automatically after inactivity.

A final word

In conclusion, the Dead Space Remake promises to be an even more intense and immersive experience on the PS5 console, thanks to the advanced features of the DualSense Wireless Controller. 

The haptic feedback and adaptive triggers add weight and substance to the weapons, while the speaker enhances the audio experience. 

Be ready for an experience like no other because the new level of immersion will leave you in awe, making the game an unforgettable adventure.

If you are yet to get your own DLC of Dead Space Remake, you can do so by buying the Digital Deluxe Edition on PlayStation today.

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