The Callisto Protocol V.3.01 Patch Update Released

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After installing the latest update, the developers say that players who have already finished the game will be able to use the updated feature.

The Callisto Protocol Release Met with Rave Reviews

The Callisto Protocol was once a highly anticipated next-generation survival horror action video game that kept fans yearning for updates throughout its development until it was released to critical acclaim on December 2, 2022.

So far Callisto Protocol has been met with rave reviews from gamers, fans of the Dead Space series (a game that Callisto Protocol was fashioned after) and even video game critics. 

Callisto Protocol was developed by Striking Distance Studios and published by Krafton, with popular director, Glen Schofield, best known for co-creating the highly acclaimed Dead Space Series directing the video game. 

In The Callisto Protocol, players are immersed in a pulsating storyline that takes place on a lunar penitentiary facility called “Callisto” (of course) where unspeakable horrors lurk around every corner. 

The game blends elements of an eerie atmosphere, immense tension, and undiluted brutality with moments of helplessness and humanity to create a truly immersive and terrifying experience for gamers. 

The Callisto Protocol features intense combat sequences, challenging puzzles, and a gripping storyline that will keep players on the edge of their seats for long hours at a time.

The Callisto Protocol is made with cutting-edge technology and has beautiful graphics and sounds that add to the overall feeling of immersion.

Callisto Protocol Releases V.3.01 Patch

The Callisto Protocol recently introduced its latest feature, the V. 3.01 Patch. This new patch addresses and resolves issues and concerns gamers have been complaining about. The patch is now available for both PCs and consoles. It fixes bugs, speeds up the game, and makes improvements to the voice level, subtitles, and camera angles.

Improvements to the display consistency for cabinets, lockers, and shelves in High Contrast Mode are also included in this most recent update, V. 3.01. 

A bug with the Maximum Security trophy or achievement has also been fixed, though it is not mentioned in the patch note.

V. 3.01 Patch Allows Players to Access Weapons, Upgrades and Credits from Previous Game

The v. 3.01. also allows players to access their weapons, upgrades, and credits from their previous game once they start a new game from a completed save. However, to access these items, players need to reach the first Reforge. 

The game has received positive reviews for its action-packed gameplay and high production value, drawing comparisons to the popular game Dead Space.

V. 3.01 Patch Allows for New Game Plus In Callisto Protocol

The developer has confirmed that players who previously completed The Callisto Protocol will have access to New Game Plus after the release of V.3.01 patch, but may require a restart of the application before enjoying the benefits of this replay mode.

Stay tuned for even more updates and new details of The Callisto Protocol as it breaks in the future.

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