Tales from Targon: A Review of Horizon Call of the Mountain

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Exploring the Vast Open World of Targon.

As the Sun rises over the majestic mountains of Targon, a young huntress named Riven sets out on a quest to uncover the secrets of this mystical land. Armed with her trusty bow and arrow, Riven must navigate through treacherous terrain and battle fierce creatures to unravel the mysteries of the Targon region. This is the premise of Horizon: Call of the Mountain, the latest installment of the popular action-adventure game developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain a Riveting Storyline

In Horizon: Call of the Mountain, players take on the role of Riven, a skilled huntress on a mission to uncover the secrets of the Targon region. The game is set in a vast open world that is richly detailed and beautifully rendered, with a variety of environments to explore, from snowy peaks to dense forests.

Call of the Mountain Offers An Action, Adventure and RPG Gameplay

The gameplay in Horizon: Call of the Mountain is a perfect blend of action, exploration, and role-playing elements. As Riven, players must navigate through the world of Targon, battling fierce creatures and discovering the secrets of the region. Along the way, they will encounter a variety of characters, both friendly and hostile, who will offer assistance or pose a threat.

Mastery of Weapons a Must In Horizon: Call of the Mountain

The game features an impressive array of weapons and tools, ranging from bows and arrows to traps and explosives. Players can also craft new weapons and upgrade existing ones using materials gathered from the environment. Each weapon has unique strengths and weaknesses, and players must learn to master them all to survive in the harsh world of Targon.

Riven drives the Epic Story of Call of the Mountain

Riven is the main character in Horizon: Call of the Mountain, and she is a formidable protagonist with a rich backstory and strong motivation to succeed in her mission. Riven is a skilled hunter and fighter, but she is also a complex and dynamic character with a range of emotions and motivations. Her journey through the world of Targon is both thrilling and emotional, and players will become deeply invested in her story.

Beware of the Rockbreaker In Horizon: Call of the Mountain

The creatures in Horizon: Call of the Mountain are some of the most impressive and terrifying in any video game. From massive robotic beasts to swarms of tiny insects, each creature is beautifully designed and poses a unique challenge to players. Some creatures can be tamed and used as mounts, while others are fiercely aggressive and require careful strategy to defeat.

In the game, one of the most intriguing creatures is the Rockbreaker, which is a massive machine that specializes in extracting mineral resources from beneath the earth’s surface. Nevertheless, the arrival of the Derangement has caused this machine to redirect its enormous size, power, and subterranean ability towards attacking any humans it detects above ground. The Rockbreaker is capable of burrowing through the ground and launching surprise attacks on its targets, causing deadly consequences.

Players must be strategic and utilize a variety of weapons and tactics to defeat the Rockbreaker. Luring the creature out of its hiding place and attacking from a safe distance is necessary to overcome its powerful subterranean ambushes. A Rockbreaker’s defeat requires careful planning and execution, or else it will be difficult to avoid falling victim to its lethal attacks.

Call of the Mountain a High Quality Video Game

Horizon: Call of the Mountain is a stunning game in every way, with gorgeous visuals, immersive sound design, and polished gameplay mechanics. The world of Targon is both beautiful and dangerous, and players will find themselves drawn into its mysteries and challenges. The game is optimized for the PlayStation 5 platform, taking full advantage of its powerful hardware to deliver a smooth and seamless experience.

Decima Engine Powers Horizon: Call of the Mountain

Horizon: Call of the Mountain was developed using the Decima Engine, a powerful game engine that was also used to create other Sony exclusives, such as Death Stranding and the original Horizon Zero Dawn. The Decima Engine is known for its stunning visuals, seamless open-world design, and efficient resource management, making it the perfect choice for a game as ambitious and complex as Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

Platform and Release Date

Horizon: Call of the Mountain was released on February 22, 2023, exclusively for the PlayStation 5 platform. Fans of the original Horizon Zero Dawn will find plenty to love in this new installment, which promises to take the series to new heights of excitement and adventure.

In Conclusion

Horizon: Call of the Mountain is a must-play game for anyone who loves action, adventure, and immersive storytelling. With a smooth seamless gameplay driven by the Decima Engine, an intriguing protagonist, challenging levels and battle ready enemies, you are sure to be thoroughly entertained with this fully immersive game. 

This single-player game requires the use of the PlayStation VR2 and PS VR2 Sense controllers although both the PS VR2 Sense controller vibration and trigger effect are optional during gameplay. 

What’s more, you can get a free trial of the game to give you a glimpse into what to expect before you get your copy for $59.99 today.

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