Steam Sets a New, Ground-breaking Record with More than 33M+ Online Users

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Steam Sets a New, Ground-breaking Record with More than 33M+ Online Users

So far, The number of users actively using Valve’s gaming platform has surpassed 33 million, breaking yet another record.

Crossing the 33 million users milestone and for the first time exceeding 10 million consistent in-game players, Valve’s Steam game distribution service is having a record-breaking month. In the first week of January, Steam surpassed previous user milestones with 10,082,055 active in-game players and 32,186,301 concurrent online users (people who were online, but weren’t necessarily playing a game), according to SteamDB.

In fact, since SteamDB’s initial announcement on Saturday, Jan 7, the number of concurrent online users on Steam has already surpassed the previous record, with a new all-time peak of 33,078,963 users being reported by the database website.

Steam - Breaking Concurrent Online User Records Since 2020

Since the start of 2020, when the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic started, Steam has consistently broken records for concurrent online users. The platform broke its previous record for concurrent users in March of that year with 20,313,451. However, by March of 2022, a new record of close to 30 million users had been reached.

Not surprisingly, the top game with over 1 million players playing concurrently over the course of the weekend is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with Goose Goose Duck and DOTA 2 coming in at second and third place respectively on SteamDB.

Photo: Screenshot of Steam games with “Players Now” and “Peak Today” info on SteamDB

Goose Goose Duck Surprising Everyone!

Goose Goose Duck, a recently released free-to-play multiplayer social deduction game reached a peak of 629,151 players and counting (as at the time of writing and as seen in the screenshot above).

This game surprised most people not just by how addictive it’s gameplay is, but how fast it is able to rise on the list of concurrent players in a Steam game.

While the “Player Now” and “Peak today” numbers keep changing by the second, we will keep you posted on any significant increase or drop-off in players of the top games on SteamDB as the case may be.

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