Sony Announces Revolutionary  Project Leonardo    

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Sony Announces Revolutionary Project Leonardo

Project Leonardo - A PS5 Controller offering Ability in Disability

Sony has announced Project Leonardo, an accessible controller for the PS5, to aid players with disabilities “play more easily, more conveniently, and for longer periods of time.”

After implementing some of the industry’s most robust accessibility suites into recent PS5 releases like God of War: Ragnarok, Horizon: Forbidden West, and The Last of Us Part 1, the company decided to make a controller that allows even more people to play their systems comfortably.

The new, fully customizable controller was made with the help of accessibility experts, physically challenged players, and game developers to be used right out of the box without any additional setup. It can be laid flat or mounted, so it doesn’t need to be held.

This device is better for people who have trouble holding a controller for long periods of time, pressing small buttons and triggers, or using the thumb sticks on a standard PS5 pad.

Sony Project Leonardo - A Practical Personalized PS5 Controller

The new set includes interchangeable buttons and analogue sticks of varying sizes and shapes to cater to the individual gaming needs of each user. This includes the size and placement of the buttons and analog sticks. These can be assigned to any standard controller function, including simultaneous button presses, and then stored on the PS5.

With its four 3.5mm AUX ports, Project Leonardo can be used with a second Leonardo controller, a regular PS5 controller, and a wide variety of existing third-party accessibility devices.

Unfortunately, as at the time of writing, neither the price nor the release date for Sony Project Leonardo had been finalized. But you can be sure that we will be giving you the latest update on this revolutionary PS5 controller once available.

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