Payday 3: Hoxton, Dallas, Wolf, and Chains are Back for One More Groundbreaking Heist

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Payday 3: Hoxton, Dallas, Wolf, and Chains are Back for One More Groundbreaking Heist

If you don’t have a stomach for violence, get off the streets or leave town now that Payday3 is here and the city’s most infamous gangs are out for blood.

Starbreeze and Prime Matter have recently announced the official launch of payday 3, giving fans something to anticipate in the new year.

Starbreeze became well-known as one of the best video game studios thanks to its groundbreaking work on games like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Payday 2, and The Chronicles of Riddick. With pride, the developers of the Payday series revealed that the third installment in the series, simply titled Payday 3, will be released later this year for PCs (via Steam) and consoles.

The Notorious Payday Gang Is Back!

The third installment in the critically acclaimed co-op shooter series PAYDAY is finally here. Players of PAYDAY have been enjoying the adrenaline rush of a well-organized heist since the game’s debut. Due to this, playing PAYDAY with a friend is an adrenaline-pumping, team-based first-person shooter unlike any other.

With their recent return to crime and maximum terror, the gang has become the envy of their criminal contemporaries and the scourge of the law enforcement community. The crew reunites several years after their reign of tyranny over Washington, DC has ended in order to eradicate the threat that forced them out of retirement.

According to the most recent Steam post, Hoxton, Dallas, Wolf, and Chains make their return for yet another heist in this new installment of Payday and the stage has been set for an invasion of New York City, widely recognized as the global financial center. Followers will find out what brought these four career criminals out of retirement for one last heist.

Put Payday3 On Your Steam Wishlist Now

Now, fans and other interested parties can subscribe to the game’s main hub and put it on their Steam wish lists. However, they can come here for the latest updates on Payday 3 and other related news.

Payday 3 Release Date to Coincide with Payday 2’s 10 year Anniversary?

In 2023, Payday 2 will be marking a 10-year anniversary since its release on August 13, 2013. Mark the date – “August 13”, as it would not surprise anyone if the release date of Payday 3 coincides with Payday 2 milestone moment.

Is Payday 3 Coming to Switch?

Payday 3 video game will also be released for console as well as PC gamers, according to Starbreeze. The obvious choices would be Sony PlayStation and Xbox, but would it be coming to Nintendo Switch, like its predecessor? This is one information that may remain unknown for a bit longer, but you can be sure that we will be on hand to provide you with the latest updates. But in the meantime, fans of Payday can start rubbing their hands in anticipation of what’s to come.

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