Nothing is More “Scary” than Launching Redfall on Xbox Game Pass Says Arkane

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Nothing is More “Scary” than Launching Redfall on Xbox Game Pass Says Arkane

The launch of Redfall on Xbox Game Pass had me terrified and shocked about what might happen – developer

According to reports, Arkane thinks it’s “scary” to consider putting their upcoming game “Redfall” on the Xbox Game Pass service. They think it is like leaping into the unknown even though the streaming service has a reputation for breathing fresh life into games that are a little bit on the older side.

After releasing DEATHLOOP as a PS5 console exclusive, Redfall will be Arkane’s first game as an Xbox first-party studio. This means that the studio will undergo significant changes, including the game’s distribution plan.

Redfall, like all first-party Microsoft games, will be on Game Pass when it comes out. This move would open the door to a much larger audience than Arkane’s previous games.

Harvey Smith, the studio’s director, touched on and discussed every aspect of Arkane’s Redfall in a recent interview.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

“Redfall’s Game Pass launch has the potential to demonstrate to

  • signifcantly larger audience the appeal of Arkane-developed experiences. But the possibility is also shocking and in a way scary.”

“I feel like there is potential for us to say: This is Arkane, and these are our creative values—we can expose a lot of people to the way that we make games.”

“In reference to the Xbox Game Pass. I hope we can introduce people to what we do: deep world creation, environmental storytelling, the emergent outcomes of battle and special abilities, and meticulously crafting worlds with a true sense of history and character.”

“For us, the pool that Game Pass provides is enormous. My concern is, how many people will play Redfall during the first week – what if it turns out to be much more than we expected?”

“We’ll receive a ton of feedback, and many people will see what we’ve been working on for the past few years.”

Redfall offers a Flexible, Adaptive Dialogue System

Harvey Smith also discussed how Redfall’s dialogue system is dynamic and adapts to the game’s characters. As a result, Dev’s conversation with Layla will differ from his conversations with Remi or Jakob. What makes the character interactions very appealing is the fact that each character has a unique personality that comes to bear during in-game conversations enriching the gameplay.

What’s more, the longer characters spend together, the more they will bond and the more personal their conversations tend to become. This will give room for rich character development as the heroes who hunt vampires earn each other’s trust and confdence.

Redfall Still Billed for Release In 2023

Don’t forget Redfall is scheduled to debut for PC and Xbox Series X/S in the frst half of 2023. The game is expected to be released in the frst few days in May, but this information is based on leaked insider information more than anything else.

You can be rest assured that we will keep you informed about any new developments about Redfall when they surface. But in the meantime, make sure to stay tuned to Games News for the most recent gaming news, updates, trailers, console information and much more.

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