No Man’s Sky: A Major Update Has Landed – Here’s What You Need to Know

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Explore new worlds, encounter new lifeforms, and uncover mysteries in this latest release.

Hold onto your seats, space explorers! The galaxy just got a whole lot more exciting with the latest major update from Hello Games. Fractal (version 4.1) has finally been released on February 22, 2023, and it’s packed with exhilarating new features that will take your adventure across the universe to new heights. Get ready to experience the rush of high-speed travel on planet surfaces, rebuild an abandoned solar system, and discover the most incredible wonders of the universe. This update is a game-changer, and the universe is yours to explore like never before.

One of the most exciting additions to the game is the Utopia Speeder, a sleek new starship that lets players skim across the surface of planets at high velocity. But that’s not all; Hello Games has also launched a new expedition called “Utopia” that challenges players to work together to rebuild an abandoned solar system for the mysterious Utopia Foundation. Players will be rewarded with an exclusive new helmet called the Fearsome Visor, a robotic drone companion, and many other prizes upon completion.

Players using Switch, PlayStation, and Steam Deck can now enjoy gyroscopic controls, making exploring and scanning for new discoveries more comfortable and precise than ever before. The Wonders Catalogue feature allows players to showcase their most incredible discoveries, from the tallest mountains to the strangest creatures, giving them a detailed record of their journey and allowing them to compare their records with other travelers.

Switch Players of No Man's Sky Can Expect New Content

The latest major update from Hello Games for No Man’s Sky has brought a wealth of new content for Switch players to enjoy. With access to all the Nexus and Quicksilver missions, players can now fully immerse themselves in the game’s multiplayer experience. 

Additionally, the “Trace of Metal” story introduces a drone companion and powerful upgrades for the Minotaur Exomech, making exploration and combat more exciting than ever before. 

But that’s not all, as Hello Games has also revamped the game’s options on all platforms, offering new accessibility features and giving players even more control over their gameplay experience. Get ready to dive into the vast expanse of the universe with these exciting new updates!

Full Support for PS VR2 provided by Fractal Version 4.1

Hello Games has always had a strong commitment to virtual reality, and with Fractal, they have introduced full support for PS VR 2 with immersive controls and stunning next-generation visuals. For all VR users, the update also introduces a number of enhancements and fixes to improve the overall experience. 

Specifically designed for the PS VR2, this functionality includes a range of features such as headset vibrations, 3D audio technology, intelligent tracking, haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers from the PS VR2 Sense controller, among other exciting additions. 

Now, players can experience the entire universe of No Man’s Sky in virtual reality without sacrificing immersion, thanks to the latest update.

The HUD and user interface have been completely revamped for virtual reality, ensuring that every interaction available in the game feels intuitive and purpose-built. 

Hello Games has spared no effort to ensure that players of No Man’s Sky in VR can enjoy the full game, from adjusting the Multi-settings Tool’s with an in-game menu to navigating the game’s menus and inventory with a wrist-mounted display. 

With complete head and hand tracking, interactions in virtual reality are more tactile, immersive, and natural than ever before. Players can now physically unholster their Multi-Tool from their shoulder, aim and fire at targets, or engage in combat with their fists, all with intuitive and immersive hand movements. They can also tap a button on their headset to toggle the analysis visor, then point towards fauna, flora, and minerals to scan and discover them.

Fractal is just the starting point for an even bigger year of No Man’s Sky updates planned for 2023. Last year was already packed with major free updates like Sentinel, Outlaws, Leviathan, Endurance, and Waypoint, plus a bunch more popular expeditions, while also launching on Steam and Switch. With the release of Fractal and PS VR2 support, players can look forward to even more exciting updates in the coming months.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a fan of space exploration games, then you won’t want to miss out on the latest update to No Man’s Sky. With its new features and improvements, it’s the perfect time to jump back in and embark on a new adventure across the universe. So don’t hesitate, grab your spaceship and get ready to discover all the amazing things Fractal (version 4.1) has to offer!

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