Nexon’s Open-world Action Role-playing Game Project DW – Dungeon & Fighter, Coming Soon to Consoles, PCs, and Mobile Devices

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The Dungeon & Fighter series has more than 850 million registered players around the world.

Project DW is a new open-world action-RPG game from Nexon, based on the popular Dungeon & Fighter intellectual property. This open-world action-RPG is set to be released on various platforms, including mobile devices, PCs, and video game consoles, and aims to bring a new level of excitement to the classic Dungeon Fighter Online gaming experience.

Dungeon and Fighter Franchise Amasses Over 850 Million Players Worldwide

Dungeon & Fighter (DNF) is a popular video game series made by Neople and published by Nexon. The first game, Dungeon Fighter Online, was launched for Windows in 2005 and is a side-scrolling multiplayer game with various character classes to choose from.

In 2012, the series got its first spin-off, Dungeon Fighter Live: Fall of Hendon Myre, which was released for Xbox 360. The first mobile release, Dungeon & Fighter: Spirit, was released in Korea in 2016, but was shut down the following year. Dungeon & Fighter Mobile was then released as a replacement in March 2022. Over the years, the franchise has gained over 850 million players worldwide.

Expect an Immersive World with a Variety of Game Modes and PVP in Project DW

If Project DW is going to build upon the success of Dungeon Fighter Online and deliver a fresh take on the classic game, then we should expect Project DW to have a deep and engaging storyline, filled with twists and turns, that will keep players engaged for hours on end.

Project DW is expected to feature several classes, flashy attacks, game modes, and PVP, which will allow players to combine deadly combos using a variety of skills and moves.

With Project DW, players should expect to also find an immersive world with epic battles, difficult dungeons, and powerful bosses. You will be able to form alliances and take on co-op missions or fight in fierce PvP battles to show how strong you are.

Nexon has a Pipeline of Dungeon and Fighter Projects in Development

In addition to Project DW, Nexon is also working on other projects based on Dungeon and Fighter, such as Project OVERKILL and Project AK. Meanwhile, DNF Duel, another game based on the franchise, is set for release on the Nintendo Switch on April 20, 2023.

A final word

Even though Project DW is not the first remake of Dungeon and Fighter, fans expect the game to keep up the appeal that has made the franchise so successful and some die-hard fans even hope that Project DW can be much better than the original.

The developer, Nexon, has yet to announce an official release date for the game, but fans are eagerly awaiting new updates as they become available. On our part, we’ll be watching proceedings very closely, so stay tuned for more information on this exciting new addition to the Dungeon & Fighter franchise.

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