New Teaser and Release Date Hint for the Upcoming Mining Town – SteamWorld Build

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New Teaser and Release Date Hint for the Upcoming Mining Town - SteamWorld Build

Build and Manage Your Mining Town in the SteamWorld Universe: Exploration, Development, and Secret Discovery in SteamWorld Build.

In SteamWorld Build, players are tasked with escaping a dying planet by building a mining town and digging up vital, long-lost technology. The game features three main elements: building, managing, and mining or exploring.

BUILDING In SteamWorld Build

Players must act as the architect of a SteamWorld mining town, breaking ground and raising houses for steambot citizens. They must also keep their citizens fed and entertained while using natural resources and ores from the mine to expand the town.

MANAGING In SteamWorld Build

As the town expands, players must satisfy the ever-increasing needs of the steamfolk that call it home. This means buying things to make buildings work better, giving electricity to miners, and trading at the local train station. In effect, managing the mining town in the best way possible is entirely up to you.


As players dig deeper into the mine, they will encounter creepy creatures and must defend their workers from these creatures while also working hard to keep the walls from caving in. The ultimate goal is to unearth untold riches and ultimately help the steamfolk escape the planet.

Key Features of SteamWorld Build

  • Located in the acclaimed SteamWorld Universe.
  • Make your own distinctive mining town in SteamWorld.
  • Investigate and expand a closed mine.
  • Manage and improve resource chains that are becoming more complex.
  • Play five unique maps inspired by SteamWorld that are filled with secrets.
  • Simple to learn and play using a controller or a keyboard and mouse.
  • To provide a challenge for players of all skill levels, there are three well-balanced difficulty levels.

SteamWorld Games Tweets Assure Fans of 2023 Release Date for SteamWorld Build

On January 23, 2023, SteamWorld Games tweeted that the game would be arriving later this year for PC and consoles and that a demo was available now on Steam.

By January 27th, the company made another tweet that reassured fans that the game would be coming out for PC and consoles and not to fret.

Thunderful SteamWorld Build will Be Accessible on Multiple Platforms

SteamWorld Build, a simulation, city builder and strategy game by Thunderful Development will be available on multiple platforms. These gaming platforms are – Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

It is likely that more information about the game, such as its exact release date, will be revealed soon, and we can only hope before the end of 2023.

Fans of the SteamWorld series are eagerly awaiting the announcement and are looking forward to playing SteamWorld Build once it is released.

You can be sure that Games News will be on ground to provide you with breaking news on SteamWorld as soon as it is available.

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