Lost Dragon Shard of Knowledge: Skip Returns to Dragonflight

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Lost Dragon Shard of Knowledge: Skip Returns to Dragonflight

Blizzard has brought back the option to skip the Artisan’s Consortium quests as part of the Dragonflight tier of World of Warcraft.

Set in the Dragon Isles, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is the next major content update for the massively popular multiplayer online role-playing game. This expansion adds a new race and class to the game, raises the maximum level, and adds features like dragon riding, a reworked user interface and talent system, and a brand new profession system.

Skip Is Back In WoW Dragonflight

In the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Dragonflight, players can level up the professions of their alt characters more easily. The option to skip a quest has come back. This lets players gain professional knowledge by skipping the quest line and turning in a Dragon Shard of Knowledge, which gives them a point of professional knowledge in the profession of their choice.

When Dragonflight first came out, the skip was available, but it didn’t last long. But it has now been brought back, so players can use it once more and in order for players to use the skip, their character must be level 60 and have a skill of 1 in any crafting profession.

The catch is that players can only use the skip once, and that chance comes up very early in the quest line. If a player has already completed the first quest, Artisan’s Courier, they won’t be able to skip it. Instead, they will have to do the whole line of quests before they can turn in their Dragon Shard of Knowledge.

Players should also remember that this option to skip quests only works for the Dragon Isles branch of the Artisan’s Consortium. Any other quests or branches of the Artisan’s Consortium will still need to be done in their entirety in order to gain professional knowledge.

Dragon Shard of Knowledge for Quest Skip used For One Profession Only

It’s also important to know that the Dragon Shard of Knowledge that is turned in to complete the quest skip can only be used for one profession. So players will have to think carefully about which job they want to level up.

Even though the option to skip quests has some limitations, it can still be useful for players who want to level up their alts’ professions. It saves time and lets players focus on other parts of the game, like leveling up their characters or doing other quests and content.

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