Launch of Destiny 2: Lightfall Triggers Mixed Reviews

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How Does Bungie’s Latest Expansion Measure Up?

As one of the most anticipated releases of the year, Destiny 2: Lightfall launched on February 28th, 2023, with players eager to dive into Bungie’s latest expansion. The game, which serves as the penultimate story for its Light and Darkness saga, promised to deliver an exciting and engaging gaming experience that would pave the way for The Final Chapter in 2024. 

However, since its release, the gaming community has been polarized, with mixed reviews and negative feedback across social media platforms and on Steam

In this review, we will take a closer look at Destiny 2: Lightfall, breaking down the key takeaways from the community and what Bungie has addressed in its recent – This Week at Bungie blog post.

Destiny 2: Lightfall Has A Flat Narrative Leaving Players Confused and Frustrated

One of the most significant criticisms surrounding Destiny 2: Lightfall is its narrative. Many players found it confusing and difficult to follow, with some suggesting that it was poorly executed. 

The expansion’s story revolves around the new setting of Neomuna, a world that players must explore to uncover the secrets of the universe. However, the narrative’s complexity seems to have caused some players to lose interest and become frustrated.

The Tedious Task of Unlocking Strand, a New Subclass In Destiny 2: Lightfall

Another issue that has been highlighted by the community is the complexity of unlocking Strand, a new subclass that is exclusive to the Lightfall expansion. Players must complete a series of tasks to unlock the subclass, which some have found to be tedious and time-consuming. This has caused some frustration among players, with many suggesting that it is an unnecessary addition that complicates the gameplay experience.

Difficulty for New and Returning Destiny 2: Lightfall Players

For new and returning players, Destiny 2: Lightfall can be an overwhelming experience. The game has changed significantly since its initial release, with new mechanics and gameplay systems that can be difficult to understand. While Bungie has attempted to ease players into the experience, many still find it challenging to keep up with the game’s changes.

Bungie Update to Address Community Concerns

Bungie has acknowledged the community’s concerns, promising to work on the issues with future updates. In a recent This Week At Bungie blog post, the team stated that they are aware of the issues with the narrative and will be working to make it more accessible and easier to follow. Additionally, Bungie plans to streamline the process of unlocking Strand, making it a more straightforward and less frustrating experience for players.

Destiny 2: The Season of Defiance

Despite the negative feedback surrounding Destiny 2: Lightfall, the Season of Defiance is already giving gamers a thrilling experience. Bungie has introduced new content, including a new raid and exotic weapons, that should keep players engaged and entertained. 

Additionally, the audio world of Destiny 2 continues to set high standards for other games to follow, with immersive sound effects and a music score designed to enhance your gameplay experience.

In Conclusion

If you’re a fan of Destiny 2 and haven’t yet tried out Lightfall, we recommend giving it a chance. While there are certainly criticisms of the game, Bungie has shown a willingness to listen to feedback and make improvements. 

If you’re already playing Lightfall, be sure to share your thoughts with us. Whether you’re a veteran player or a newcomer to the Destiny universe, there’s plenty to explore and enjoy in Lightfall. So gear up, Guardian, and jump back into the fight against the forces of Light and Darkness.

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