Last Call BBS: The Final Game from Zachtronics

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As the acclaimed indie developer bids farewell to the gaming world, experience their last masterpiece in this captivating simulation game.

Boot up your Z5 Powerlance and get ready for a trip down memory lane with Last Call BBS, the latest offering from indie game developer Zachtronics. This retro-inspired puzzle game collection is a nostalgic throwback to the early days of personal computing, with eight fully cracked games that are sure to test your puzzle-solving skills. 

From designing factories to produce food like they did in the 20th century to assembling robot models and creating bizarre flesh sculptures, Last Call BBS offers a unique and challenging experience that will keep you engaged for hours on end.

The storyline of Last Call BBS centers around the mysterious sysop known only as The Barkeep, who has loaded up his retro computer with a full set of puzzle games for you to download and play. As you delve deeper into the games and explore the world of Last Call BBS, you’ll uncover the secrets behind The Barkeep and the developers of the games, as well as the legendary 1990s PC manufacturer, Sawayama Corporation.

But it’s not just the storyline that makes Last Call BBS so compelling. The gameplay is equally impressive, with each of the eight games offering a unique and challenging experience. 

From the tile-based logic puzzles of Dungeons & Diagrams to the integrated circuit building of ChipWizard Professional, there’s something for everyone in this collection.

20th Century Food Court

One of the standout games in Last Call BBS is 20th Century Food Court, which challenges you to design factories to produce food just like they did in the 20th century. The goal is to keep your costs low and your machines running fast, while also keeping your customers happy and well fed. It’s a fun and challenging game that will test your management skills and creativity.

STEED FORCE Hobby Studio

Another standout game is STEED FORCE Hobby Studio, which lets you assemble robot models based on the anime smash hit Steed Force right on your computer. No sandpaper required! With high-resolution pixel art and an FM-infused soundtrack, STEED FORCE Hobby Studio is a nostalgic trip back to the early days of personal computing.

X'BPGH: The Forbidden Path

X’BPGH: The Forbidden Path is another intriguing game in Last Call BBS, challenging you to enter a cursed world and create bizarre flesh sculptures in exchange for eternal life. The master is happy, but can you put your faith in him? With its dark and mysterious atmosphere, X’BPGH: The Forbidden Path is a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Sawayama Solitaire and HACK*MATCH

Of course, no Zachtronics release would be complete without a brand-new solitaire game, and Sawayama Solitaire delivers with a fresh take on Klondike, the “classic” solitaire variant. And for fans of tile-matching minigames, HACK*MATCH is a must-play. It’s a completely remastered version of the tile-matching minigame from EXAPUNKS, with a single-player campaign and local head-to-head multiplayer.

Kabufuda Solitaire

Last but not least, Kabufuda Solitaire is a retro-demake of the challenging original solitaire game that debuted in Eliza. With its Japanese kabufuda cards and challenging gameplay, Kabufuda Solitaire is a game that will test your skills and keep you coming back for more.

Final Thoughts

Last Call BBS was released on August 3, 2022, and has already garnered rave reviews from gamers and critics alike. With its nostalgic atmosphere, challenging gameplay, and intriguing storyline, Last Call BBS is a must-play for anyone who loves puzzle games and the early days of personal computing. So why not boot up your Z5 Powerlance and dial into Last Call BBS today? The Barkeep is waiting, and he’s got a full set of puzzle games for you to enjoy. You can get Last Call BBS for $19.99 on Steam for PC and macOS.

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