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Lone Ruin is a Cuddle Monster Games developed replayable shooter video game built with the Unity Engine and published on January 12, 2023 by Super Rare Originals. This game is available for purchase on Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows.

Lone Ruin offers 2-D Characters Immersed in a 3-D World

Lone Ruin employs 2-D characters in a warping neon-highlighted 3-D world scored by sci-fi trance music.

However, immersing 2-D characters and projectiles in a 3-D world results in a loss of depth perception, making it hard for gamers to accurately fire on targets and evade incoming projectiles from enemies.

At the start, gamers are given a dash and three empty slots, which allow players to unlock 8 different capabilities that can be upgraded in-game to enhance special attacks and thus enemy damage.

Lone Ruin Disappoints with Monotony and Lack of Variety

The disappointment of Lone Ruin is a lack of depth in variety. After only about an hour of gameplay, most of the hidden weapons and their enhancements are unlocked.

Furthermore, the enhancements only modestly increase the damage done to enemies, they do not work together to offer new attacking combinations. Couple this with a lack of variety and difficulty in the enemies, and the gameplay very quickly becomes monotonous.

Lone Ruin’s main mode involves battling successive waves of enemies in chambers and selecting the right doors to obtain rewards. There is also a countdown mode where gamers are restricted to one chamber in an attempt to gain levels and beat the timer, which is similar to current vampire survival games. Neither mode however, is intriguing enough to keep gamers glued to their seats.

Lone Ruin Great for Newbie Gamers

Lone ruin is a game trying to imitate others in this genre known for their playability, but fails to hit the mark due to its short length, easy difficulty level of enemies and lack of depth.

On the other hand, Lone Ruin is fun, accessible to newcomers, visually-appealing to the eye with some nice hypnotic music.

Lone Ruin may not be every gamers cup-of-tea, but if you do not mind the 2-D characters or you want a bit of nostalgia in your gaming experience, then Lone Ruin is for you.

You can get Lone Ruin on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam for $14.99 today.

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