Games News Unbiased Forspoken Game Review

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Games News Unbiased Forspoken Game Review

2023 promises to be an exciting year for gamers – and with good reason – as video game developers and even platforms up-their-game to provide the next-generation of video gaming.

At Games News, we have decided to take a deeper look into some of the critically acclaimed video games scheduled for release in 2023 including those that have already been released.

We begin our video game review for 2023 with a game that was published on the 24th of January – this game is simply titled FORSPOKEN!

In this review, we will give you some information on the BACKGROUND and DEVELOPMENT of the game, followed by the STORYLINE, GAMEPLAY and RECEPTION.

We then round up our review of FORSPOKEN by giving our opinion of the game and concluding with our verdict.

So without taking any more of your time, let’s get into it!

Forspoken Developed by Luminous Engine

Forspoken is an all action role-playing, single-player video game developed with the Luminous Engine.

The Luminous Engine is a proprietary multi-platform video game engine developed by Square Enix in June 2012.

This game engine targets eight-generation hardware as well as DirectX 11-compatible gaming platforms, such as the likes of Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5.

Forspoken Background, Development and Release Date

Forspoken is actually the debut video game project for Luminous Productions, a company that consists of employees that worked on Final Fantasy XV, another notable video game project.

It must be said that early in the development of Forspoken, the game went by the title of “Project Athia”. 

Forspoken, as the game would eventually come to be known as, was developed from the start – to capitalize on the enormous graphical capabilities of PlayStation 5.

When it comes to technology, Forspoken features quite a few.  For starters, you have Procedural Generation for the creation of large-scale open world environments and Ray Tracing for improved in-game Lighting effects.

It is also worth mentioning that the release of Forspoken was initially scheduled for May 24, 2022, but Square Enix postponed the release date first to October 11, 2022 and eventually to the actual release date of January 24, 2023.

The Storyline, Setting and Characters of Forspoken

As far as the storyline, setting, and characters of the game goes – it is quite straightforward really. Forspoken is a tale of the main protagonist, a young woman named – Alfre “Frey” Holland voiced by Ella Balinska, who is magically transported from her typical suburban home in New York City to a fantasy world called Athia.

Frey must now try whatever she can to find her way back home. But to do that, she must stay alive in Athia by using her magical powers to battle the Tantas, who rule Athia with an iron-fist.

These rulers include Tanta Sila played by Janina Gavankar and Tanta Prave portrayed by Pollyanna McIntosh while other important characters in the game are the archivist Johedy voiced by Keala Settle , Auden played by Monica Barbaro and Jonathan Cake who voices Frey’s sentient bracelet Cuff.

Forspoken offers a “Terrain Traversal Speed and Fluidity” Gameplay

According to Forspoken director Takeshi Aramaki, the Forspoken gameplay was designed to focus on “terrain traversal speed and fluidity”.

Square Enix, the publisher’s of Forspoken, also described the gameplay of the video game as a “narrative-driven adventure”.

When playing Forspoken, the first thing you notice is how vast the environment of the game is. This open world game format allows you to travel to any part of the fantasy world of Athia at any time.

Your player character – Frey, is equipped with many magical abilities. As you successfully battle your way through the armies of the Tantas, you earn experience points.

Frey has a magical cloak which can be upgraded and when you do, you boost her stats and overall efficiency in combat.

Frey also has a magical nail polish that unlocks special abilities whenever she applies it.

Players are able to craft out new items in Forspoken while resting at a secure location will help in restoring the health bar of your game character.

Beware of the “Breakstorm” which is basically a horde mode where Frey is swarmed by waves of demon-like creatures that attack seemingly without end. However, with the appearance of a level boss, the breakstorm episode and wave of enemy attacks come to an end.

A Mixed Reception Follows the Release of Forspoken

Upon its release, Forspoken received a barrage of mixed or comparatively average reviews. While the parkour mechanism of Forspoken was greatly praised by even the game’s most outspoken critics, others were less complimentary of the game’s open world setting, overall gameplay, combat mode, and even the Frey – player character herself.

Our Verdict

On our part, we found Forspoken to be an enthralling, high speed game with a cool open world environment albeit in need of a bit more telling, interactive and intuitive details.

While the combat scenes could be somewhat one dimensional, and the game does tend to have a slow start with Frey not fully realizing her full range of magical abilities until quite deep into the game, we still found Forspoken to be a fun, addictive game worth more than just a day’s trial on Windows or PlayStation 5 platforms.

Frey may be a flawed human and even a complex character, but that only adds to the mystic of the video game.

On a scale of 1 to 10, we give Forspoken a very good score of 8, and we definitely recommend this game to any PS5 gamer and fan of the single-player action-role playing genre.

Buy Forspoken Today!

Forspoken is available for $69.99 on Steam for the Windows platform. You can also get Forspoken directly on Square Enix. You simply need to indicate your location, then choose your preferred platform PC or PS5. You can also select the Forspoken Digital Deluxe Edition which goes for $94.99 today.

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