Everything we know about Silent Hill F Release Date and Trailers

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Everything we know about Silent Hill F Release Date and Trailers

In October 2022, fans of the Silent Hill series got more than they anticipated. At their Silent Hill demo, Konami showed off not one, but four upcoming games in the series (along with another feature film). There are three new games in the series, with the remaster of Silent Hill 2 being the only remake. The announcement with the cryptic name – Silent Hill F, has been deemed the most intriguing of the bunch.

However, after seeing Silent Hill F in action and learning some new details about the game, it’s clear that it’s a huge shift from the series in a number of unusual respects, despite the fact that no game shown off in the showcase had more than either a teaser or short trailer.

Like its self-titled town, Silent Hill F obscures its true nature with a blanket of mist.

Here’s a rundown of everything that has been revealed about this horror game so far.

Silent Hill F Release Date

A release window or date for Silent Hill F was not provided at the time of the announcement. We can only speculate that Silent Hill F will be delayed for at least two years due to the lack of gameplay footage in the trailer and the developer’s likely desire to spread out the release of their many games.


Similarly surprising is the fact that no platforms listed Silent Hill F. Presumably, it will be released for the current-gen of game consoles, though which specific consoles will have access to the video game is still up in the air.


Although primarily an expression of tone, the Silent Hill F teaser trailer does reveal some crucial plot points.

It’s the first episode of the series to take place in Japan, and the opening shots do a great job of setting the scene. This will be quite a departure from the usual setting, as Silent Hill has always been assumed to be a town in the Northeastern part of the United States.

After the background is set, we see a young woman in a school uniform (reminiscent of school age characters in classic Japanese horror flicks) standing next to what appears to be a broken shrine or grave marker covered in a strange variety of red flowers. A pipe dangling from her mouth, she starts wandering aimlessly through town with crawling red roots or vines covering the decrepit buildings.

Upon returning to the girl, we see that she has been hurt, and the red vines are now reaching out to her from the walls. She escapes their grasp and runs off into the night.

The following events are highly unsettling. In her confined state, the girl begins to grow similar red vines from wounds in her flesh. They develop into flowers and cover her entire body except for the lower half of her face, eventually causing her face to disintegrate.

If you made it this far and you’re still interested, a few more nuggets of information have emerged from the showcase. The first is that Ryukishi07 is behind Silent Hill F, and the game will be set in 1960s Japan.

The author of such classics as “Higurashi When They Cry,” “Umineko When They Cry,” and “Ciconia When They Cry”, Ryukishi07 is well-known in the horror fiction community. The When They Cry games, and especially the original, are well-liked by horror and mystery fans due to their focus on elementary school students.

Neobards, the game’s creator, is the only other interesting fact. The Resident Evil series has a strong association with the Taiwanese studio responsible for Resident Evil: ReVerse and Resident Evil Resistance.


How’s Silent Hill F Gameplay?

The trailer showed no actual gameplay and only hinted at what the game might be like. To speculate further, we think it will be a third-person game with a heavy emphasis on adventure, but this is currently impossible to confirm.

Is Silent Hill F a Multiplayer Game?

A multiplayer mode has never appeared in a Silent Hill game before the almost universally panned Silent Hill: Book of Memories. Despite the fact that the studio’s previous games have all featured multiplayer modes, we anticipate that Silent Hill F will be a single-player experience.

Is there any Pre-order?

No, Silent Hill F is not available for pre-order just yet. Pre-orders can’t begin until we know when to expect the game, and that might be a long time from now. If or when that occurs, you can count on us to let you know.

But until then, stay tuned for updates as they arise.

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