EA Sports and Premier League Set to Sign multi-million Partnership Deal

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New six-year deal expected to deliver more than £80m annually.

Exciting news has emerged from the world of football as Sky News reports that the 20 Premier League clubs have been briefed on a new six-year partnership with EA Sports worth a staggering £488 million. 

The deal, which is said to be close to being finalized, would deliver over £80 million annually and would see EA remain as the league’s lead partner and retain its exclusive electronic game license. 

The extension is said to be worth more than double the existing deal between the two parties, highlighting the financial strength of the Premier League. 

This news is sure to have football fans and industry experts buzzing with excitement and anticipation for what this means for the future of the sport.

According to Sky Sports News, the Premier League’s commercial strength has played a crucial role in convincing clubs who had considered joining the ill-fated European Super League in 2021 that the English Premier League has the strongest financial foundation of any football competition in the world.

This new deal with EA Sports only serves to underline that fact, leaving other top European leagues struggling to compete commercially with the Premier League. 

It’s no wonder that clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus have been pushing for the European Super League as they try to find ways to level the playing field with the Premier League.

EA Ends 30 Year Partnership with FIFA

This new partnership is especially significant as it comes after EA and FIFA, the governing body of world football, ended their 30-year relationship

Reports from last summer suggest that the series of games bearing the FIFA name, which feature teams and players from the world’s top leagues, including the Premier League, will be rebranded under the EA name. 

The Premier League and EA have had commercial ties dating back to 1998, making this a long-standing and important relationship in the world of football.

EA And Premier League 6 Year Partnership Just Got Stronger

EA Sports, a New York stock exchange-listed video-game company with a market value of around $30 billion, has been a lead partner of the Premier League since 2016. This new deal comes as Liverpool and Manchester United are drawing interest from potential new investors at multi billion-pound valuations. 

The Premier League declined to comment, while EA remained tight-lipped, saying that they do not comment on details of commercial relationships or discussions with partners. 

However, they did express their pride in their long-standing partnership with the Premier League and its clubs and their appreciation for the support they’ve received in their plans for EA SPORTS FC.

Final Thoughts

This exciting news of the impending partnership between the Premier League and EA Sports has left football fans eagerly awaiting the details and implications of this lucrative deal. 

It’s clear that the Premier League’s commercial strength and financial stability are attracting attention and interest from top brands around the world. 

As the world of football continues to evolve and grow, it will be fascinating to see how this new partnership will shape the future of the sport.

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