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Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy, Notice and Takedown Procedure

It is our policy to speedily respond to any notices of suspected copyright infringements in accordance with the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), (the details of which are available on the U.S. Copyright Office Website.

All users who use any component of Games.News adhere to the applicable copyright laws. If we receive a proper notice of alleged copyright infringement, our response includes removing or denying access to content that is said to be the object of infringing activities and/or terminating contributors, regardless of whether we might be liable for the infraction pursuant to United States law or the laws of a different jurisdiction.

If we block or remove access to the content in response to a notice, we’ll attempt to contact the person who created the affected content, so that they can make an objection to the notice under sections 512(g)(2) (2) and (3) (3) of the DMCA. We may also file any alleged infringement notices and then take action.

INFRINGEMENT NOTIFICATION: Filing a DMCA Notice of Copyright Infringement

After receiving a proper notice of alleged infringement, will follow the guidelines outlined in DMCA.

In order to file a notice of infringement using you must send an unwritten communication (by mail, email or mail) which contains the details in the below list.

Be aware that you could be held accountable for damages (including expenses and attorney’s fees) in the event that you make a material misrepresentation that the material you are using is infringing on the rights of your copyright(s). Therefore, if you’re not certain if you’re the rightful owner of copyrights or if the laws that protect copyrights cover your work, You may wish to seek advice from an attorney.

In order to speedily complete your request faster, please use the format below (including sections numbers):

Contact information for you, such as the name of your address and phone number as well as, if you have it, an email address which you as the party who is complaining can be reached;

The declaration: “I am the copyright owner or agent empowered to act on behalf of the owner of the copyrighted materials listed below:”;

Determine with enough specificity the copyrighted content you think has been infringed. (For instance, “The copyrighted image at in question can be described as”Content Title “Content Title” which can be described as “Description of a literary image, work, etc.” with the “name that of the creator” as well as any federal registration information , if available);

Identification of the material said to be infringing or is infringing and which must be removed or access to which to be restricted and any information that is sufficient to allow in locating the item (e.g. “Title of Article” at this location;

The following statements “I am of the firm conviction that the use of the mentioned material in the manner alleged is not approved by the copyright holder or its agent, nor it is not permitted by the laws”;

The following statements “I swear under the penalty of perjury the information contained in the notification is correct”; and

You must sign the document.

Write the communication (by email, fax , or postal mail to) our Copyright Agent designated to be notified of DMCA notices:


Counter Notification

The person who owns the infringing content can issue an appeal under the sections 512(g)(2) (2) and (3) and (3) Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

In order to file a counter notice for us to file a counter notification, you need to send us an official written notice (by normal mail) which contains information that is listed in the following list. In accordance with a prior written agreement the communication must not contain the details listed below via email. Note that you may be held accountable for any damages (including expenses and attorneys’ costs) in the event that you make a material misrepresentation that your product or service isn’t infringing copyrights of another. If you’re not certain whether something is infringing the copyrights rights of others it is recommended that you first consult with an attorney.

To speed up the time it takes us to complete your request, please follow your request in the format below (including sections numbers):

Identification of the item that was removed or access was blocked and the exact location where the material first appeared prior to when that it was taken away or access was blocked

Name, address phone number and, if you have it an email address which you are able to be reached;

The following declaration “I agree to the court’s jurisdiction Federal District Court for the [insert the federal district where the address you are located””;

The following statements “I will accept the service of process provided by [insert name of person who made the notice] or their agent”;

The following statements “I swear under the penalty of perjury, that I am of a reasonable conviction that the material was disabled or removed because of an error or mistake in the identification of the material that was to be disabled or removed” and

You must sign the document.

Write the communication (by mail, email, or mail to) the Copyright Agent we have designated to be notified of DMCA notices:


After receiving the counter-notification, Game.News will promptly provide the person who submitted the original infringement notice with an original counter notification and inform the person who provided the counter notification that Games.News will either replace the deleted material or end the disabling of access to it within 10-business days. is going to replace the deleted material and will cease disabling access to it for not more than 10, and not more than 14 business days after receiving the counter notification, unless our Designated Agent first receives notification by the individual who sent the original notification of infringement that the person who submitted the notification has initiated an action to obtain an order from a court to stop subscribers from participating with infringing activities involving the content that is in our network or system.

Repeat Infringers

In pursuance to Section 512(i)(1)(A) in the DMCA, Game.News will, under the appropriate circumstances, block or terminate account accounts for contributors that are repeated violators.

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