Big Announcement – FINAL FANTASY VII Rebirth will be Hitting the Market Soon

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Big Announcement - FINAL FANTASY VII Rebirth will be Hitting the Market Soon

Whether you’re a veteran gamer or have never played an RPG before, Final Fantasy 7’s strategic real-time battles and stunning visual effects are sure to blow you away.

A Final Fantasy VII Big Announcement Planned In 2023?

There is no longer any doubt that 2023 will be an exciting year for fans and lovers of Final Fantasy, as producer Yoshinori Kitase confirmed in his New Year’s greeting that work on the Final Fantasy VII remake is progressing at a steady pace.

Yoshinori Kitase also alluded to the fact that something big was in store for Final Fantasy gamers in 2023 and that an announcement will be made in due time, but that he can’t reveal the context of the big announcement just yet. He however concluded by saying he hopes to make this an exciting year for the millions of Final Fantasy fans across the globe.

Kitase used his message to also remind fans that this year would see the release of Square Enix’s latest installment in the Final Fantasy series. He claims that producer Naoki Yoshida is making every effort to keep things on track while pleading with fans to support the team and the game.

Kitase hinted at a pivotal moment from the original Final Fantasy VII and how it could be reworked in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. He urged followers to hold tight until more information became available and to use their imaginations in the meantime.

What to Expect from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

In the past, it was disclosed that Zack Fair, a playable character from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, could play a significant role in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. In an interview, Kenichi Suzumura, better known by his stage name Suzuken, who voices Zack Fair, more or less confirmed what most fans hoped for – that Fair would play a key role in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Crisis Core’s protagonist is a “mystery within a mystery,” according to him, and he wants to bring his own unique flair to the character while also enjoying the game as a fan and wondering where the story will go.

For those who enjoy the Final Fantasy series and were hoping for a better start to the year, it looks like Santa has granted their wish. But just so that you can have something to look forward to, it is worth noting that Square Enix stated that the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is slated for the Winter of 2023. As fans, all we can do is hope that the scheduled release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in 2023 comes to fruition, but until then keep your fingers-crossed.

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