Atomic Heart Under Fire for Inclusion of Racist Caricature

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Developer Apologizes for Offensive Content in Popular Video Game.

Atomic Heart, the highly anticipated first-person shooter video game from Russian developer Mundfish recently released on February 21, 2023, has found itself embroiled in yet another controversy. This time, the issue at hand is a racist caricature in the form of an old ’50s cartoon included in the game’s save rooms. The caricature, known as a “Golliwog,” depicts a black person in a degrading and racist manner.

As soon as players discovered the inclusion of this cartoon, the backlash was swift and fierce. The controversy quickly spread to social media, with players calling for the developer to remove the offensive content immediately.

Mundfish has since released a statement in response to the controversy, apologizing for the inclusion of the caricature and promising to edit the parts in question. While there is no word yet on when these changes will be made, it is clear that the developer is taking the issue seriously and intends to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Controversy Plagues Atomic Heart

However, the racist caricature is not the only issue that players have been complaining about in Atomic Heart. The game has also been criticized for lacking basic features that are standard in most games, including the ability to adjust the size of subtitles and a non-functioning streamer mode that can result in copyright strikes on YouTube and Twitch.

Adding to the controversy is the fact that Ukraine has requested that Valve, Sony, and Microsoft remove Atomic Heart from their digital marketplaces in the region due to the developer’s failure to make a statement against Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Mundfish has stated that it is a “pro-peace organization” and will not comment on politics.

It is clear that Atomic Heart has its fair share of issues, and the controversy surrounding the game is unlikely to die down anytime soon. However, the developer’s swift apology and promise to make changes is a positive step in the right direction. It remains to be seen whether the game will be able to overcome these controversies and live up to its potential as a groundbreaking FPS.

In Conclusion

The inclusion of a racist caricature in Atomic Heart is an unfortunate misstep that should have never happened. The backlash from players and the media is proof that racism has no place in gaming or any other form of media. 

While the developer’s apologized and promised to make changes which is a step in the right direction, it is clear that there are still many issues that need to be addressed in order for the game to be considered a success. 

Only time will tell if Mundfish can rise to the occasion and deliver a truly great game that lives up to the hype.

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