Atomic Heart: Launches on February 21, 2023 with 4K/60fps on Xbox Series X and PS5

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Embark on a Journey to Uncover the Secrets of Atomic Heart’s Alternate Soviet Union.

The anticipation for Atomic Heart is reaching a fever pitch as the release date of February 21, 2023 draws near. Developed by Mundfish, the game has generated significant excitement among gamers worldwide.

With just under two weeks to go until the launch, fans are eagerly counting down the days to experience the world of Atomic Heart for themselves. 

The wait has been long, but with the promise of high-quality graphics and seamless performance, players are ready to dive into the game’s alternate version of the Soviet Union in 1955.

According to the developer’s twitter post on January 16, 2023, the game will feature solid 60fps, 4K in dungeons, and dynamic resolution with mostly 4K at 60fps in the open world, delivering an immersive and captivating gaming experience for all players.

Overview of Atomic Heart Gameplay

Atomic Heart is an immersive role-playing action game set in an alternate version of the Soviet Union in 1955. This closed world is characterized by the principles of science, equality, and fraternity, which serve as symbols of freedom. 

As players assume the role of Major of Intelligence “P-3,” they will embark on a journey to uncover the forces driving this seemingly perfect society and the secrets that are hidden within Facility 3826.

Players will be challenged to unravel the mystery behind the utopian dream and the cost paid for this ideal society. As they progress through the game, they will encounter a variety of enemies, weapons, and upgrades, allowing them to explore different combat styles, such as; hacking and stealth, as well as full-on combat action. 

With stunning visuals and a thrilling storyline, Atomic Heart is set to present gamers with a unique and captivating gaming experience.

As Major Nechaev, players must defeat engineered zombies and mutants while uncovering the events that led to the catastrophic situation to begin with. The truth of this world will only be revealed through a journey that may require a sacrifice of blood. Get ready to experience the action, adventure, and intrigue of Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart Promises High Performance Across All Platforms

It is worth noting that the exact visual quality of the game on the Xbox Series S is currently unknown, and Mundfish has not made any official announcements regarding this yet.

However, with the game’s confirmed performance on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, fans can be confident that they will be able to enjoy the full experience of Atomic Heart on their next-gen consoles.


Overall, with less than a fortnight to the launch of Atomic Heart, fans are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to immerse themselves in this captivating world filled with advanced technology, breathtaking visuals, and engaging gameplay. 

Be sure to stay tuned for any further updates from Mundfish and prepare to embark on a thrilling journey with Major Nechaev on February 21, 2023.

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