Apex Legends Season 16 Update Introduces New Sound changes that Gamers Don’t find Interesting

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Fans of the popular hero shooter game have informed Respawn of the new sound effects issue.

Respawn Entertainment’s hit title, Apex Legends, recently received a new update on February 14, 2023. The update introduced a new season in the game with new changes, such as; a new Team Deathmatch mode, a modified class structure, and a host of other changes. However, gamers have expressed concerns with regards to the sound changes made in the game.

Following the release of Season 16, gamers have been left puzzled and worried as to the new sound effects that were added in the new season. Players have described the newly added sound effects as confusing.

This change was particularly sighted by Reddit user mafieth, who posted a short clip to the Apex Legends Reddit page. 

The Reddit user pointed out that the same sound effects used in Valkyrie’s Skyward Dive ultimate ability or revive drop ship are also being employed in celebration animations where planes leave trails of color while flying over matches. 

Players stress that they are left puzzled when they hear this sound effect during matches, as they are left with the thought of a Valkyrie player advancing from the sky to attack them.

This issue pointed out by Mafieth was also confirmed by the Apex Legends Reddit community. The community has called on Respawn to modify the sound effects to make them more unique and clear, so that players can distinguish them more easily while playing.

Gamers Complain about Nemesis Blast AR Firepower

However, sound changes in the game weren’t all that players had to complain about; more recently, fans have made their dissatisfaction with the newly added weapon known to the developers and are asking for a reduction in the weapon’s power. 

The new weapon, called Nemesis Burst AR is an assault rifle that uses energy ammunition with rapid fire. With the amount of damage that the weapon causes to opponents, players believe that the Nemesis Burst AR is way too powerful to allow fair play amongst users. 

Apex Legends Season 16 Deathmatch Mode Adored by Fans

Despite these issues, Season 16 has also introduced several exciting features that players have enjoyed. The newly added “deathmatch” mode, which pits two teams of six players against each other in a 3v3 format, is a favorite among players. The first team to complete 50 kills is declared the winner in this mode. 

Once the deathmatch mode has completed its initial run as a limited-time mode, it will be added to the new Mixtape playlist, which will bring back classic limited-time modes in a rotating format.

Legends Reorganized into 5 Classes In Season 16 Update

All of the game’s legends have been reorganized into five new classes, each with its own unique passive class advantages. The new classes are “Assault”, “Skirmisher”, “Recon”, “Support”, and “Controller”. These new classes provide players with an entirely new way to approach the game, making it more challenging and interesting.

Respawn Gifts Players Free Login Rewards to Mark Apex Legends 4th Year Anniversary

In the meantime, Respawn commenced gifting players a host of free login rewards to celebrate the title’s 4th year of release, a landmark that seemed to coincide with the launch of Season 16. The game’s ongoing Anniversary Collection Event promises to give players a total of two playable legends: Crypto and Ash. Gamers will also be given a thematic pack for each legend.

Final Thoughts

While fans of the battle royale demand a fix to the audio and weapon issues experienced in Apex Legends, the game’s ongoing anniversary event offers a host of exciting login rewards that players should not miss out on. With the addition of new classes and a deathmatch mode, the game’s future looks bright, and it’s only a matter of time before Respawn addresses these concerns and makes the game even better.

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